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Andrea garlic scapes Photo Credit: all Things CrystalOur Mission

We create a secure and nourished community by empowering you to make healthy choices so that you can live your life to its fullest potential! We offer nutrition and culinary education to help you choose and prepare the foods that best nourish you, your family and your community. 

Our Vision

Imagine a world where people and their communities are strong and secure, and everyone has a sense of home.



“Empowering people through education and by offering practical tools to come into their kitchens to prepare healthy and delicious food with love.”

We believe that wherever you are on your path to whole health, home-cooked food from scratch is always the most nourishing.  Rooted Nutrition offers cooking classes, workshops and demonstrations as well as one-on-one nutrition counseling and private cooking lessons. We don’t subscribe to fad diets, rather we keep with the proven method of using whole, organically-grown foods, prepared properly for best digestion and absorption, as a base for that is most nourishing. Our classes tend to be veg-friendly for the most part because we find that most people, most of the time benefit from eating lots of plant-based foods. 


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Rooted Nutrition is about sustainability in many senses of the word. Sustainability- the ability for a system to sustain itself- is really another word for survival.

  • We promote healthy eating- enabling us to not only to survive, but to thrive.
  • By promoting the use of wholesome, local and organic foods, we reduce our reliance on a large and unsustainable food system by:
  • reducing packaging and therefore waste.
  • reducing shipping distance and saving the carbon emissions that result.
  • promoting organic foods as a healthy option for the environment and for ourselves.

Caring for our environment(s)

Rooted Nutrition’s value about care for our environments (both internal and external) is reflected in the cooking classes and recipes- promoting composting waste and using the whole food ( like keeping the peels on, saving seeds from vegetables like squash and so on).

The theme of sustainability is even applied in a cultural sense. Every traditional culture has developed ways of eating that sustain their health and is in balance with their environment.

North America is a young culture, or rather a ‘ new blend of cultures ‘ and is just now starting to define what it’s culinary traditions are. Now is the time to harness sustainable food practices, some our own- some borrowed and adapted from older cultures. At Rooted Nutrition, we teach classes such as ‘preserving food traditions’ to help spread awareness about the role that culture plays in creating a sustainable diet.


rooted nutrition

At Rooted Nutrition, we want for classes to be accessible. There is always a space for  individuals  volunteer as cooking class helpers to enjoy the class for free (and get valuable ‘extra’ hands on experience!).

We teach classes for Community Kitchens, Friends for Life Society and other charitable groups.  You can also find us in the community doing free talks and demos promoting health and wellness through cooking with whole foods.




Here are some other organizations that we have paired with to promote healthy eating!

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