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Why you will not find our beloved Cultured foods products on store shelves right now…

This is to let you know about some recent changes in my business that affects the production of the Cultured Foods that you know and love!
I am actually taking a hiatus from production for the time being and until further notice.
As a newcomer to the food processing world, I have been lucky to enjoy many successes and have connected with many lovely, health-oriented and local-supporting customers, either directly at Farmer’s Markets and at store samplings and events, or indirectly through local store sales.
This change is happening immediately (which is why you have not seen my booth at Farmer’s Markets in 2015).

Where you can still buy our Cultured Foods

Some stores are selling off the remainder of the product (best before dates still good- preserved foods like these can last for a year in the fridge, even past the Best Before.)
For stores who still have our products in stock, call ahead to any of the stores on our retailers list here.
Home on the Range Organics on Broadway near Main Street has the last of our Sea’Chi and Original Sauerkraut. I would suggest stocking up there!

cabbage head andrea kraut caveMy successes and challenges of the Solo-Preneur

In addition to many challenges in finding a stable and affordable space that suits my food production business, I am also concurrently running another business (consulting and teaching cooking classes) and running both was too much for me at this time. As a practitioner of Holistic Nutrition, I am aware of the profound effect that stress can have on overall health. In order to be in integrity with what I teach about work-life balance, stress management and holistic health, it is necessary for me to take a break and re-evaluate where my energy is going.
I have worked incredibly hard and given my all to get the cooking class business, and then the food products off the ground. The work of manifesting my purpose in the world of business is incredibly rewarding on good days, and it is very taxing physically, mentally and emotionally when it feels like I am only hitting road blocks. The only constant is change! (My friends with kids say the same of their journey as parents! Props to all of you!) And because this is true, I know that I am growing as a person. (Which, although making sauerkraut for a living has been rewarding, the real point here is about personal growth!)
Rooted Nutrition Cultured Foods overcame many challenges that small food producers encounter,  and some unique challenges (such as getting an unpasteurized, traditionally fermented product approved by the Health Authority!) but I have had to make the tough decision to focus my energy in another direction for the time being.

Thank you to those who have supported Rooted Nutrition Cultured Foods Project

kraut cave workersI cannot thank the numerous kraut cave volunteers and staff and farmer’s market helpers enough for your tireless work. Your belief in me, my products and overall support touches my heart.

Entrepreneur friends who I have met through this project- farmer’s market vendors, other food product visionaries and also business support people (you know how you are!), you continue to inspire me to always put everything I have into my dreams. You are leading the way for a more sustainable food systems and local economy.

Is this the End for the Cultured Foods Products?!

The product has potential to re-launch in the future, possibly from a different production space, possibly under different management. I will keep you abreast of these changes as they happen.

What Rooted Nutrition is up to now

In a classic case of ‘one door opening when another closes’, I have paired up with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to teach classes for their students (a dream of mine come true!) and in the new learning kitchen there, I finally have a beautiful, bright and functional space to provide my public and private classes as well.

I sincerely thank you for supporting small, local businesses like mine. And I look forward to my continued work in the local food scene, teaching cooking classes and doing nutrition education. I am passionate about staying true to the Mission that I have created for my work through Rooted Nutrition. And that is:

” We create a secure and nourished community by empowering you to make healthy choices so that you can live your life to its fullest potential! We offer nutrition education to help you choose and prepare the foods that best nourish you, your family and your community. “

There are a number of fermentation classes coming up- check upcoming classes here- if you want to learn how to make your own!


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