Monday, June 24th

About rooted nutrition kombuchaI am so thrilled to be participating in this amazing weekend retreat on the pristine Gambier Island at Camp Fircom. 

My involvement with this beautiful space and the community at Fircom began a year ago, when I was invited to offer a workshop at their first Farm to Fork weekend. The venue is an old United Church camp that has undergone a huge revival and is functioning as a retreat center as well as an outdoor ‘school’- with retreats, workshops and events largely focused around their sprawling and gorgeous food garden ‘aka the farm’, the dense forest and shoreline that hugs all sides of the farm center.

At the Farm to Fork weekend, I got my hands dirty helping out with a kids planting workshop, taught a food preservation workshop and got to do my tiny part in helping to make the orchard a reality by clearing brush before heading back to the city.

Community Catalysts and the Sacred Earth Retreat

Jeff, the Executive Director of the camp- is an ideas guy. He loved my workshop and has invited me to become part of the team at Community Catalysts. In a nutshell, Community Catalysts is a grassroots professional development series of four thematic sessions which aim to facilitate positive and immediate change in our communities. They promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and practices with like-minded people through dialogue, experiential learning, workshops, lecture and engaging activities. (Read more about Community Catalysts here)

Sacred Earth is the fist of these sessions. Sacred Earth is a three-day retreat in which community change-makers will gather at Fircom, for hands-on workshops, focused discussion, and practical skill development to apply the lessons of our shared natural world and to enhance our personal and professional work.

Learn more about Sacred Earth and Register here.


Me and the Crew at Camp Fircom on the farm. Photo Credit: Sara Dent of the Young Agrarians

Me and the Crew at Camp Fircom on the farm. Photo Credit: Sara Dent of the Young Agrarians

The Beauty

As an urbanite, I crave a space that is rich in natural abundance to balance the sometimes stark rigidity of the city-scape. Fircom on Gambier Island is truly a place where I feel connected and am able to slow down, go deeper, appreciate the beauty and marvel at the intelligence of nature.


The Community

My involvement with community is how I define who I am. Through forging a relationship with the community at Fircom and at Community Catalysts, I have become part of a group of grassroots change-makers who have diverse skills in areas areas such as sustainability of food systems, community-building, primitive living skills and spirituality. Conversations with this organizers of this group have been inspiring. They are an open-minded group who are passionate about making positive change in their communities. I am blessed to be part of this group. As the energy grows and gains momentum through the participants, workshop leaders and keynotes at retreat weekends such as Sacred Earth, the feeling that we are growing much more than food brings us together and feeds us to come back into our communities in the city with renewed vigour to start making change where we are.


For more about Sacred Earth and to register, click here

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