Tuesday, June 25th

healthy eatingNeed help cutting through the diet fad confusion?

Suffering from nutrition information overload?!

Update: We are working on scheduling more info sessions, as well as having free online content to further your understanding of nutrition and food. 

See below for subjects that we have covered and feel free to ask questions and comment so that we can keep the conversation going!

 Nutrition Information Sessions

Mon Aug 27

  • Probiotics and cultured foods

  • Learn what probiotics are and why they are essential, now more than ever!
  • Learn about the link between immunity, digestive health probiotics
  • Which (surprising!) foods contain them!
  • Sampling of probiotic fermented foods!

Mon Sept 10

Grains, nuts, beans and seeds… sounds like healthy food, right?

The first step to eating healthy is rightly to choose these wholesome foods, but did you know that you may not be getting all of the benefits from your grains, nuts, beans and seeds! 

Improper preparation of these healthy staple foods can cause indigestion and actually decrease absorption of important minerals!

  • Learn which simple food preparation techniques take your healthy diet to the next level by:Increasing digestibility of foods and thereby strengthening your own digestive system
  • Liberating minerals and vitamins present in your food
  • Neutralizing ‘anti-nutrients’ for best absorption of nutrients

Mon Sept 17

Have you noticed the words ‘Gluten-Free’ sweeping our grocery shelves, menus and health magazines?

Confused about what gluten is and why some people avoid it? Should YOU avoid gluten?
  • Learn how to identify the signs of gluten intolerance by symptoms
  • Which grains and products contain gluten and which do not
  • Understand what gluten is and what function it serves in baked goods
  • Learn which cooking and baking techniques make some glutenous grains more tolerable for people with gluten sensitivity or intolerance

Mon Sept 24

Browse the supplements section, health product labels or any modern healthy cook book and you will see the words ‘alkaline’, ‘alkalizing’ and ‘acidic’.

Studies show that disease exists in an acidic body. Stress, incorrect diet and pollution cause us to become acidic, so let’s alkalize!

  • Learn why chemistry has snuck into our vocabulary with regards to choosing foods
  • Find out how to know when your body is unbalanced
  • Learn which foods help to bring you back into alignment, and which cause you to become ‘acidic’
  • One easy technique that can help you to alkalize with every breath you take!

Mon Oct 1

Do you ever find yourself staring blankly at the nutrition info and labeling of fats and oils in the grocery store?

Extra virgin, cold-pressed, ‘light’, refined, organic…

All fats are not created equal!

Research shows that poor quality fats damage your body cells, leading to disease!

Learn which labels to look for to decipher quality oils from a damaged ones

  • Decode which oils are best for cooking, baking, sautéing, salad dressings
  • Learn why investing in organic is especially important for fats and oils

Mon Oct 15

North America is obsessed with weight! Yet the rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease are still rising!
We have tried everything from fad and yo-yo diets to pills and surgery to deal with weight issues.
So why can’t we find the magic pill?
In this talk
  • Find out why counting calories does not work
  • Compare the Standard American Diet (SAD!) with traditional diets from around the world to uncover common eating and drinking habits that healthy populations have (and that we have all but lost!)
  • Re-learn how to enjoy food and lose weight naturally and permanently

Mon Oct 22

Do you think of ‘salt’ as a four letter word!? This essential food is over-used and has been refined and altered into unhealthy, iodized table salt.
In this free nutrition info session, learn:
  • Salt does not have to be a curse word in the healthy kitchen!
  • Quality mineral-rich sea salt and seaweeds provide essential nutrients for strength, flexibility and immunity
  • Get to the root of which foods are the real culprits is for elevated blood pressure
  • Come to our salt tasting with mineral-rich salts from around the world!

Mon Oct 29

With mounting  influence from the big junk food companies targeted at children, it’s no wonder your kid would rather have a fast food burger than whole-foods!

Combat the junk food pressure by learning how:

  • Your attitude towards food influences their attitudes and decisions
  • To make healthy foods appealing and convenient for your growing child
  • Tips for getting your child excited about vegetables by getting them involved

Mon Nov 5

Do you LOVE Chocolate, Cookies, Chips and Cake? Who doesn’t?!
Does it seem impossible to have your cake, eat it too and still have radiant energy, beauty and health?
Guest Chef Julie Beyer gives you the scoop on 3 Secrets for Health Conscious Women to Stay Fit, Fabulous and GLOW While Enjoying Chocolate, Cookies, Chips and Cake – Everyday!
You will be given an opportunity to sample and buy her fabulous GLOW products.
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4 Responses

  • valli December 16th, 2012

    is there any free online sessions

  • wendy October 20th, 2012

    Alkalizing for health: i totally missed this, wasnt aware till now of your series.. would you be repeating this session–i’d attend for sure.
    I’m dying to know: ”One easy technique that can help you to alkalize with every breath you take!”
    What would that be? Thank you for sharing! W

    • Andrea Potter (old.wholefoodscooking.ca) October 20th, 2012

      Hi Wendy
      We will be offering these free nutrition info sessions again in the winter. The schedule will be coming out soon.
      the tip to alkalize with ‘every breath you take’… Breathing properly actually alkalizes your body! read this article for more http://www.naturalnews.com/022644_lungs_herb_breathing.html
      As a holistic nutritionist, I look at diet as one factor of potential imbalance when we get sick, but realize too (and have to remind myself!) that there’s a lot more going on than what we eat!

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