Tuesday, June 25th

grains and lentils

 Beans beans, good for your heart! Beans and lentils (legumes) are a staple of healthy diets around the world. Did you know that

  • Pairing beans or lentils with whole grains makes a complete protein?

  • The fiber in beans helps to regulate blood pressure.

  • There is a bean that helps support each body organ!

  • Learn this and more in legumes class!

In this 3 course class, we’ll be learning:

 The health benefits and properties of a variety of legumes

 How to properly cook legumes for optimal digestion and nutrition

 Storing cooked legumes for quick and easy meals and snacks

Sample Menu: (menu items vary depending on season and availability)

  • Citrus lentil salad
  • Miso-maple baked beans! (Healthy comfort food!) on baked yams

  • Guest instructor and former baker at radha eatery teaches us how to make her Grandma`s Japanese sweet red bean Ohagi!  Healthy steamed red bean paste sticky rice dumplings from Japan! We’ll all get a chance to make these hands-on sweets!

To book this class as a private event, click here for details


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