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spring cleanse detoxWelcome (or welcome back!) to our Healthy Cooking Classes!

The Healthy Cooking Class Experience: Our cooking classes aim to help people clear up diet and nutrition information overload by offering straight-up, practical and delicious recipes, nutrition education and hands-on and tasting experience. Students leave inspired, nourished and connected to the experience of hands-on preparation of organic, wholesome and really good food!

The classes in the Eating Clean cooking class series are 3 hours in length. They suit many diets, most (not all) classes are vegetarian, some vegan, all organic, many also suit grain-free or gluten-free diets. They are labeled as such below the class title. We do not subscribe to any ‘fad’ diet in particular, but rather aim to keep classes accessible to people with some diet restrictions, while creating familiar and new foods and meals with a healthy twist.

Are these classes a good fit for you? Read more on our food philosophy here.

See below for an exciting lineup of new and updated classes as well as returning favourites!

We also offer other workshops, public cooking demonstrations and classes. Check our upcoming events here for more.


New Location: All classes are offered in our beautiful new Learning Kitchen at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. It’s conveniently located in Kitsilano (map) on Broadway near Vine. Easy transit by bus, bike, walking or driving.

Cooking Classes

Photo Credit: Melissa Quantz. Location: Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Learn more: Click on the class title for full description of the cooking class on our web page.

Check our FAQ here for more about registration, pricing, what to expect, what to bring etc.

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Sun Jan 10- Eating Clean: Fuss-free meals and meal-planning 

*This class is free of gluten and animal products

Register Here


Sun Jan 24- Get Nourished: Eating for digestive health

*This class is free of gluten and dairy. Contains meat (bone broth)

Register Here


Sun Feb 7- Raw Sweetness (you’re sweet enough already!)

*Raw desserts are naturally free of refined sugar, dairy, eggs and grains

Register Here


Sun Feb 21- Fermented Foods: Probiotic vegetables

*This class is free of gluten and animal products

Register Here


Sun Mar 6- Next-level Grains and Beans: Soaking, sprouting and fermenting

*This class is free of gluten and animal products. There will be a dairy option for the dosas

Register Here


Sun Mar 20- Probiotic Beverages: Kombucha, ginger beer and herbal sodas!

*This class is free of gluten and animal products

Register Here


Sun Apr 3- Very Veggie: Beyond boring salads!

*This class is free of gluten and animal products

Register Here


Sun Apr 17- Culinary Herbalism: Healing Spices

*This class is free of gluten and animal products

Register Here


Sun May 1- Inspired Lunches

This class pairs well with Eating clean:Fuss-free meal-planning.

*This class is free of gluten and has both meat and veggie recipes and options, contains eggs

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