Tuesday, June 25th

Chris Stock Photo ingredients and handsGuest Instructor, Ellexis Boyle brings her extensive experience to class, both professionally as a baker and pastry Chef, as well as personally, through her journey towards health and ethical alignment with her diet by becoming vegetarian and then fully plant-based.

This journey has made its mark on her cooking and baking style, encouraging her to become even more innovative in her techniques and use of ingredients. She has a real green thumb as well, her penchant for eating plants has prompted her to grow an amazing food garden, spurning her practical endeavor into healthy methods of food preservation.

This series of cooking classes explores many angles of whole and plant-based foods. Classes include how to achieve creaminess without dairy, how to bake using alternatives to eggs, refined sugar and butter and how to preserve foods, using no refined sugar or vinegar.

chocolate beet cake and cashew icingThe Whole and Plant-Based Baking School are classes within the series which are designed to walk the student through the techniques of alternative baking. Just like in traditional pastry school, the students start with simpler baked goods and grow towards more sophisticated pastries. The classes do build on one another, so we recommend taking all 3. That said, feel free to refresh or improve your skills in any particular baking area by taking the course that interests you.

These classes are a good fit for you if:

  • ‘Organic’ is an automatic preference or requirement for you.
  • You are vegan or vegetarian and interested in learning how to wow your friends with seriously sophisticated but ‘unrefined’ foods.
  • You are including more plant foods in your diet.
  • You, or someone you love to cook for has allergies which restrict refined sugar, meat, eggs or dairy.
  • Already practiced at conventional baking and cooking, you want to move the the next level, learning how to substitute common ingredients.
  • As a total newbie in the kitchen, you are attracted to eating wholesome foods and want to get some real-life experience with new ingredients.

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Single Class: $75+ tax

3-Class Package: $195+ tax (Save $30)

All-In Class Package: $300+tax (Save $150!)

‘Rooted Nutrition’ credit for transferred or credited classes can be used towards these classes.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you prefer to pay by another method than online.


April 16 from 11-2: Everyday Alternatives to Dairy

May 7, 14 and 21: Whole and Plant-Based Baking School Classes

May 7 from 11-2: Cookies and Bars

May 14 from 11-2: Quick-breads

May 21 from 11-2: Pies and Desserts

May 28 from 11-2: Non Dairy Cheese-Making

June 4 from 11-2: Make It Last: Food Preservation in the Whole Food Kitchen


* Please note, that while we take precautions to warn of potential allergens and to maintain safe kitchen practices that prevent cross contamination from occurring, our kitchen is a shared facility, and so we cannot guarantee absolute absence of potential allergens from food. If you have a severe allergy, please contact us before the class to assure that we can accommodate you. 

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