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policies and agreements

Tuition Fees –  Payment in full must be received by Rooted Nutrition by the dates specified for each course. Registrants who have not paid the full tuition cost by the start of the course will not be admitted. A $45 NSF will be charged if a cheque is returned.


Cancellation Policy

Rooted Nutrition strives to deliver high quality events and each requires extensive preparation in order to achieve this.  For this reason, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. If for any reason, a registrant cannot participate in a course, they may find another person to attend in their place. Written notification containing the substitute’s name and contact information must be delivered to and confirmed by Andrea Potter by email or phone at least 24 hours before the class start time  ( or 604.802.1201).
  2. Canceling attendance by a registrant for any reason must be confirmed with Andrea Potter within the time frames set out below, by email or phone at:  or  604-802-1201.
  3. The tuition refund policy is as follows:

Cancellation by registrant 9 days or more before event date:   100% refund OR arrangement to transfer the credit from the canceled class to another class. (Transfers are at the discretion of Andrea Potter. More than one cancellation/rescheduling at a time is subject to a $5.00 fee.)

Cancellation by registrant between 8 and 4 days before event date:  50% refund or full transfer

Cancellation by registrant with less than 4 days before the event date: No refund, but may send another registrant in their place by notifying Rooted Nutrition I writing.

Cancellation by Rooted Nutrition for any reason, at any time before the class start time: full refund or arrangement for full credit towards another event of registrant’s choice.



Voice / Image / Video release – I understand that Rooted Nutrition may audio/video record the event I am enrolled in.  I understand and agree that my voice, and/or image/video may be recorded and embodied as part of a product or promotional piece by Rooted Nutrition and I grant Rooted Nutrition the right to use my voice, and/or image/video in its promotional materials and/or products.  I acknowledge and agree that that Rooted Nutrition has complete ownership of the promotional materials and products in which my voice, and/or image/video may appear and that I have no interest or ownership in the promotional materials and /or products or their copyright.  This Voice / Image / Video release is granted to Rooted Nutrition and is perpetual and worldwide.


Safety – I am solely responsible for my own safety during a cooking class with Rooted Nutrition. I recognize that during a cooking class or event with Rooted Nutrition, I may be injured by using a knife/cooking tools and/or doing some lifting and other light physical activity. I understand that I am free to opt out of any activity during class.  I recognize that the services offered by Rooted Nutrition do not involve medical diagnosis or treatment of any kind.  I take full responsibility for my own well-being, including any allergies I may have, and for my use of any information provided by Rooted Nutrition and waive Rooted Nutrition from any claim I may have if I suffer damages or injury in any way and release Rooted Nutrition from any liability whatsoever that may arise from my participation in a Rooted Nutrition course.

By registering for a course with Rooted Nutrition I confirm that I am at least 19 years old and I automatically agree to the above policies and agreements that I have read, and fully understand.

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