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kraut wrap 2 Download/Print Recipe Here

  •  This is more of a method than a recipe- leaving it to your preference for thickness.
  •  Also try it with pumpkin seeds for creamy green condiment.
  •  Makes a nice dip for raw veggies, or a dairy-free creamy condiment to garnish soups.

 Ingredients (Sunflower filling)

sunflower or pumpkin seeds or raw cashews (½ cup dry seeds yields about 1 ½- 2 cups of cream)

water for soaking

water for blending

salt and lemon juice to taste

optional others- garlic, herbs, chipotle peppers

 Example: for ‘ranch’ dressing/ dip, use some fresh or dried dill, minced or grated garlic and quite a bit of lemon juice with sunflower seeds or cashews.

optional- for a creamier texture drizzle a little olive oil into the blender at the end of processing

Ingredients (wrap)

1 recipe sunflower cashew cream (I used the dill and lemon ‘ranch’ flavour option)*One recipe of the sunflower cream is enough for about 4 wraps

alfalfa sprouts



purple carrot, grated

beets, raw, grated or Rainbow’Kraut

cucumbers, thinly sliced


  •  Soak the sunflower seeds on the counter or in the fridge in plenty of water and a dash of apple cider  vinegar for at least a couple of hours. Preferably overnight.
  •  Drain and rinse the seeds.
  •  Put them in the blender with just enough water to make a smooth cream, or thinner if you want to use this  as more of a dressing.
  •  Season with salt and enough lemon juice that you can taste the sour.
  •  Add optional flavorings.
  •  For a richer cream, drizzle some olive oil in as it blends.
  •  Spread the sauce into grain wrap and add all the other ingredients.


Download/Print Recipe Here

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