Thursday, March 21st

IMG_1208smThis is a very tasty side vegetable with almost any protein, or even served simply over rice for a light dinner.

You can use any green at all! Rainbow chard is nice because it is pretty and tender, but substitute stinging nettles when in season for an extra hit of iron, or even kale.

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makes 2 servings

prep+cooking time: 5-7 minutes


2 Tbsp roasted sesame oil

6-8 fresh shiitake mushrooms (if using dried, re-hydrate for a few hours in warm water and squeeze the water out before using. Unlike some dried mushrooms, shiitake retain good texture once reconstituted.), woody stems removed and the caps sliced thinly

1 1-2” piece of ginger, grated finely

1 bunch (about 6 stalks) rainbow chard, wash and remove stalks and slice cross-wise like celery into 2 cm pieces. Loosely tear up the greens and keep separately.

Optional- 1 zucchini, thinly sliced

3 Tbsp tamari or soy sauce

3 green (spring) onions, sliced on the bias into thin ovals

optional garnish: toasted sesame seeds

rainbow chard and shiitake picMethod

  • Gently heat a wide pan with the oil in it

  • Add the mushrooms and chard stems and cook until the mushrooms start to release their water (about 3 minutes)

  • Add ginger, tamari and greens (as well as optional zucchini) and put a lid on to steam for about 1 minute, until the greens are wilted

  • Garnish with green onions and optional sesame seeds

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