Tuesday, June 25th


“Andrea at Rooted Nutrition  is teaching how to use whole foods and her honesty and obvious love for food traditions make her classes exiting.  The food is good. It’s not over flashy like adding truffle oil to everything, or coating your broccoli in cheese sauce to get anyone to eat it. We learn what is really in all the pre-packaged food. In the mania that has become the local food movement, the organic food craze, the raw food diets, Food Inc., and Fast Food Nation I’m finding her classes are encouraging me to use the resources we have to make inexpensive healthy foods, like how we used to do… (read more)

– The Healthy Food Project

“Loved the (Ancient Grains) class you always manage to knock my socks off! Thank you so much for your hard work and kind heart. Your classes are always so inspiring and I continoe to learn so much every time.”

– Monica Geiser


“I just wanted to say thank you for the info on these classes.  I went to what will be my first of what will be many workshop by Andrea Potter.  It really opened my eyes to something that I might want to pursue once graduated (running workshops of my own).  It was a real treat to go to a cooking class where someone’s love for food is the same(as it should be) as there love for nutrition and teaching.”

Again thank you and kudos for a job well done on Andrea potter


– Liz

“When Andrea was studying to become a nutritionist, I became her ‘case study’, and to amazement, she was able to help me easily and willingly and lovingly in a way that no other alternative health person had been able to.

I was so surprised to find out that I could actually use foods to help my digestive problems. And I had had them for more than 30 years, without being able to find anything to help them.

For all those years, I missed out on tasting a lot of really good food, and was avoiding them due to indigestion. Now, I’m able to digest almost anything, and it was all so simple. I’m very, very grateful for Andrea’s help.

She comes highly recommended by me!”

– Lorraine Burke

” I was not overly enthused about fermented beverages but I am a TOTAL CONVERT now!
It was amazing and I felt light and almost bubbly very soon after drinking the samples they gave us.
They gave us “starters” for 2 of the recipes and the other two you can do yourself. I have started making them at home!!
I have been so very impressed with the 2 classes I’ve now gone to and I am sooo happy you found them and told me about them. The health aspects of how she teaches totally jive with my views and even goes beyond and more in depth.
I find it so inspiring to go and learn and try them out.
YAY! thanks so much!”
– Laura Barker

“My consultations with Andrea taught me a lot of important things even though I’m a 10 year veteran of healthy eating! She is a nutrition guru. I have tremendous respect for the work she does.”

– Oliver Giving

“Chef Andrea, I wanted to wish the best of luck in your new adventures. I saw Radha’s video a minute ago and found out that you are moving ahead with projects of your own – I am going to miss your food!
I loved and learned a lot with the classes that I took with you early this year on grains, legumes and fermentation. Your sauerkraut is now a staple in our table. Please do let me know where is the best place to find out more about what you are doing next. – I would love to learn more from you.
All the best to you,


“Hi Andrea
I am so happy that I joined your class today.
It was something like dreaming about past life and discovering new stuff like a kid. And all through my senses…. visual, smell and taste. And fun.
Thanks for your enthusiastic way of sharing knowledge.”

– Esperanza Garcia


I really appreciated the tangents and Andrea’s willingness to offer her opinions about products and reasons why (to buy them or not) Great class- informative with delicious food!
– Connie Kostiuk


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